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Junk Removal
Kalamazoo, MI

Kazoo Junk Removal is a junk removal company servicing Kalamazoo County Area.

We’re passionate about helping our residential and commercial clientele keep their properties clean from unwanted junk.

If you’re tired of dealing with junk like mattresses, cabinets, old electronics and such filling up your living space, then you can count on our team of local contractors to get the job done on your behalf when you may not be able to (or want to) do so on your own.

So what are you waiting for?

If you found yourself searching for a junk removal company, then you’re in the right place.

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How This Works

Our junk removal system is simple, look at our full service offering below. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, still please give us a call to chat about your specific needs. We may still be able to help. After calling us, we’ll ask you to describe what you’re looking to get rid of and we’ll give you a ballpark estimate.

If you’re happy with the price, we’ll come out to look at what you’ve got, settle on the final price, and start hauling away your junk. All you’ll have to do is say yes then point us in the right direction! Because of our upfront pricing model, you won’t have to worry about any surprises. This is fair for both parties, you get a fair price and we’re able to pay our local employees fair wages. We’ve surveyed thousands of jobs and we’ve seen just about everything when it comes to junk removal. After a few minutes, we can tell exactly what it’s going to take to get rid of your junk. 

After collecting your junk, we’re going to go to the garbage dump and see how much of it can be recycled. You see, we don’t want to just rid your living space of junk, but the entire community.  In other words, our goal is to preserve your environment and everyone elses.

Our Services

Mattress Disposal

Getting rid of a mattress can be a huge pain. You could leave it in the garage or attic to take up space and collect dust until someone else moves in. Or you could toss it out to the curb and hope someone will come to pick it up for free. If you have the time, you can haul it off to the dump yourself. 

Most of these options don’t sound very appealing to most people and we completely understand. Lucky for you, Kazoo Junk Removal can handle this for you. We’ll come to get that old mattress from your attic, garage, or curb and haul it to the landfill ourselves to be recycled.

Carpet Removal

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of a huge home renovation project or just updating one room, carpet removal is often a big part of the process—and a stressful one. You may think that removing a carpet is as simple as pulling it off, but usually, the carpet is attached firmly to the subfloor to prevent it from sliding around, especially when furniture is moved.

Then, you have to think about where you’re going to dispose of. of it. It won’t fit in your trash can and you can drag it to the landfill yourself, but that takes up precious time. This is where you call Kazoo Junk Removal to handle the removal for you.

Yard Waste Removal

No clue what to do with all of that green waste pilling up in your back yard? Call Kazoo Junk Removal today and book our team to come puck up your yard waste. If your yard debris bin is too full to put any branches, leaves, or other trimmings we will haul and recycle your brush pile at minimal cost. This is your chance to free up your yard from all that excess green waste so don’t delay and call us today.

Appliance Removal

Got old appliances sitting around your home that are broken down, collecting dust, and not working? Getting rid of old appliances like fridges, washing machines & stoves can be a pain in the butt to do on your own. Not only are they hard to move, but even if they can fit in your car, where are you going to take them?

Kazoo Junk Removers provides efficient, safe and eco-friendly appliance removal so you don’t have to worry about the disposal of these items. Just point out where they are and we’ll handle the rest. Fridges, televisions, microwaves, pianos we can handle them. Yes, we know piano’s aren’t appliances but we get asked if we can take them all the time.

Hot Tub Removal

​​A hot tub is a great place to relax and unwind – until you don’t want it anymore. If you’re stuck with a big, bulky hot tub or spa at your home in Kalamazoo or Portage, Kazoo Junk Removal can help you.

We get it, an old, broken, and unsightly hot tub can be a ginormous hassle to get rid of. It’s too big and heavy to get rid of on your way home. Not only is at an eyesore, but it also takes up valuable space in your yard. We’ll take care of your hot tub, lift it and even chop it into tiny moveable pieces if need be.

5 Reasons To Choose Kazoo Junk Removal

We Are The #1 Choice For Junk Removal In Kalamazoo County

Kazoo Junk Removal is equiped to handle almost any junk removal job. We have multiple 20 yard dumpsters meaning we can handle large amounts of waste in your yard, home or constrution site.

We get it, people have junk and sometimes life gets in the way and things start to pile up. You may have thought a long time ago that you need to get rid of your junk, but you question where to even start and who you can trust to discreetly get rid of it? We are a 100% judgement free business… ZERO questions asked.

Our professionals are dependable, trustworthy, and reliable. We’ll show up when we say we will, do the job you paid us to do, and clean up as if we were never there.
Kazoo Junk Removal is a company based right here in Kalamaozo, MI. We hire locally and happily serve all the local neighborhoods in Kalamaozo County. We are committed to keeping our corner of Michigan a clean place to visit and live. Most junk removal companies are national chains that send you to an overseas call center. In all honesty, you’re not guarenteed to get the best service because there is little accountability.

Areas We Serve

Kalamazoo, Portage, Gull Lake, Parchment, Galesburg, Paw Paw, Mattawan, Vicksburg, Richland, Augusta, Comstock, Schoolcraft, Climax, Scotts, Oshtemo, Battle Creek, Marshall, Albion, and any other area in Kalamazoo County.

If you would like to inquire if we service your area, please call (269) 390-8546

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